VTX-Atom CCU-U (Universal) für Dreamchip Atom One

Das ausgebaute Fibersystem CCU-U (Universal) bietet mehr Komfort und Leistungen für profesionelle Anwendung der Atome One-Kameras in komplexen Produktionen im Studios ooder mit OB-Van

Es besteht aus einer 19" 1HU Base-Station und einer kompakten Kameraeinheit mit V-Mount. Das Set bietet neben Genlock eine weitere Steuerung über Ethernet.

Das 19" Gehäuse kann eine 2. Mainboard aufnehmen. Damit lässt sich das System eine DualChannel-Version upgraden


The Atom CCU-U (Universal) is the 2nd level one of Vietex’s Fiber CCU’s for Atome camera family. It can integrate 2 channels in one 19” 1HU base unit. The RS-485 converters for Sony, Skaahoj or Cyanview RCP’s can be installed inside of the 19” chassis, so that no external cable and power supply unit are required.

The additional Ethernet link offers the second control for PTZ-Heads or other equipment. Genlock with black burst or tri-level-sync is available. The camera adapter (CA) can be powered by DC-Adapter or by batteries on V-mount. The set can be upgradded to a Dualchannel-CCU-System


-          Dual channel in one 19” base unit. Chassis has blind plates for 2nd channel.

-          Customer can order the 2nd CCU-Set without additional cost for chassis and 230V-Power supply

-          Customer can use one Cyanview RCP or one Skaarhoj RCP to control two Atom one cameras via 2 separate fiber duplex cables

-          3rd party hardware: Wico Box for Sony, Cyanview CIO or Ethernet-RS485 Converter can be built inside the 19” base unit to minimize adapter cables and external power supplies.

-          Support Genlock (Blackburst or Tri-Level-Sync)

-          Additional Ethernet link to control the PTZ robotic or other devices

-          V-Mount for battery operation

The Single-Channel CCU with blind plates


After upgradded to Dual-Channel CCU



More: https://shop.vietexmedia.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=354